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1, If I order more, can I get a better price?

Yes, the best prices depend on quantity, quality request.

2, If something goes wrong, how can I be assured?

a, we will make samples first and send you to confirm before production if necessary.

b, during the production, we will send you photos or videos to follow up.

c, if you get the products, and find out something goes wrong, we will study the problem. If the problem is from our side, we will reproduce the products or refund you.

3, I don't want anybody to see or use my products for business, how can you do that?

a, we will sign a CDA (Confidential Disclosure Agreement) with you.

b, make sure that staff only for the products during the production procedure.

c, give you the extra pieces or destroy them for good.

4, How do I know you are a direct manufacturer or just a trading company?

We can live show at any time you want it, will show you the machines, the raw materials, the warehouse, the offices and the staff.

5, Can I get samples to test for free?

The already-made ones are free, to produce the new one you need, we should talk about it specifically.

6, How can I follow up with my orders?

a, during the procedure, we will take photos or videos for you.

b, when all done, we will send the final products photos to confirm.

c, when products are sent out, we will send you the tracking number and follow up with the delivery ourselves, to make sure you get the products safely.

7, You are a new company to me, how can I trust in you?

a, we have all certificates the government asks for, the products require, the customers need.

b, we have been in the wrist watch making for more than 10 years, most of our customers have witnessed us all the way long, we have most of molds that tell the truth.

c, you are welcome to visit us at any time for yourself. If it's inconvenient for you to come, you can ask your friends in China to check us out for you.